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Welcome to Dan Barrett's website; the doorway to Dan's unique world of jazz. Here, you'll discover:

  • The various bands with which Dan currently performs;
  • A calendar listing of Dan's upcoming appearances;
  • Musical arrangements--soon available for downloading--for various combinations, at all performance levels; from Fledging Student to Seasoned Pro.
  • Recordings--including downloadable tunes (coming soon)--on both CD and vinyl; and even rarities from Dan's personal collection that are available for purchase at The Swing Shop;   (THE SWING SHOP IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
  • Photos and publicity information
  • Dan's involvement with Jazz Education, and his ongoing role as a clinician for jazz students in the USA and abroad
  • A photo gallery (coming soon) that is a virtual scrapbook of Dan's career to date.  Drawn both from friends' and his own personal archives, the gallery includes many rare (and hitherto unpublished) images of jazz greats with whom Dan performed over the years.  You'll also find anecdotes about musicians and friends, both past and present.  Here you'll find jazz legends Dan is proud to have known, and talented younger players with whom he performs today.


  • Since early childhood, Dan has been an avid reader. In addition to the art of jazz,  Dan is very interested in the art of writing. At the Writer's Corner, you'll find: articles written by Dan's friends; excerpts of literature of interest to Dan and his friends; and even some of Dan's own work, including fiction, historical essays, and reminiscences

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